Beauty Sleep

Princess Aurora has had enough!  Once cursed by her evil aunt Gladys, this 17 year old beauty will not consent to live a bird's life in a golden cage.  Aurora will no longer put up with wearing a suit of armor to avoid an injury that will trigger the curse - a state of permanent sleep that can only be revoked by the kiss of her true love.  Princess Aurora plans to escape from her father's beloved Castle Fenwick to visit Katherine of Landmire, a healer who can possibly reverse the curse placed on her.

Her escape comes in handy for her cousin Andreas who hopes to end her life, or at least put her into a permanent sleep, once she is away from her father's protection.  For years he has wished for Princess Aurora's disappearance, hoping for her swift and early injury because he is next in line to replace her father as the next King of Fenwick.  Ambition is his definitive characteristic, for Andreas will do anything to become King.

This evil intention connects Andreas to Gladys, the queen's sister, living in the castle ruins of "Briar Rose" far away from Castle Fenwick since that black day she laid the curse on her innocent niece, Princess Aurora.  With her magical powers, Gladys is a perfect match for Andreas, especially since she is deeply bitter that she did not become the Queen of Fenwick.  She wishes nothing more than to finally move into the Castle herself.

Princess Aurora makes her trip to Landmire dressed as a man to avoid detection.  Although she feels protected when she meets the friendly musical juggler group "Merry Men" in the forest,


she is far from being safe.  Her very steps are monitored from afar by her aunt Gladys who makes every possible attempt to induce an injury to the princess.

Despite Gladys's intrigues, Aurora makes it safe and sound to Landmire, where she meets Katherine and her grandson Henry.  Here only Katherine knows that Aurora is the Princess and this gives Aurora the opportunity to mix in with the people of Landmire.  She comes to understand how much the people suffer through the greedy politics of her cousin Andreas and his Lords who enforce their interests behind the King's back.

Aurora feels free in Landmire, not only because the warm-hearted Katherine turns out to be her Godmother, but also because there is a strong attraction between her and Henry.  When they are together there is a certain tension in the air, regardless of their very different bloodlines.

Unfortunately time is running short for a romance as Gladys and Andreas plot to make sure Princess Aurora and Henry will be separated.  They manage to bring Princess Aurora back to Castle Fenwick and throw Henry into the dungeon.

While trying to save her beloved Henry from prison, Aurora is injured on the last evening before her 18th birthday.  With the first drop of her blood, Princess Aurora falls into the foretold sleep.

To get to the throne Andreas poisons the King of Fenwick.  Now Andreas seems to have no one in his path to power.  The King is dead, Aurora is sleeping and Henry is in the dungeon.  But Henry is the only one who can help now.  As Auroras true love, only he can rescue her and only with his kiss.  Knowing this, Henry frees himself from prison, finds Princess Aurora and delivers the precious kiss.

Crowned as Queen of Fenwick, Aurora chooses gentle Henry to be her husband.  Together they live happy in Fenwick… maybe still today, but surely "ever after."